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The exchange exchange is a digital currency issued by a digital currency exchange platform that can have certain rights or perform certain functions on the platform, such as serving as a commission fee and being used for community voting. The exchanges of the issuing platform include centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. The Flat Taiwan dollar is a platform token issued by digital currency trading platforms. Ping NT is an important reflection of the exchange's own value and ecological boundary. Since its birth in 2013, binance and other head exchanges have repeatedly invigorated the market with innovative ways of ping NT to stimulate the generation of liquidity and wealth effect. After that, the market has been paying constant attention to the price of Ping NT. From its embryonic form at the beginning of 2013 to 2017, it was officially launched by Binance and gradually endowed with more application scenarios, and flat Taiwan dollar was officially concerned by the market as an asset. In essence, the purpose of each major exchange to launch ping Nt is to make users and platform have a close connection, to achieve interest binding, and finally realize two-way value-added. Generally flat Taiwan dollars are traded in their respective platforms. HT, BNB and OKB are the three mainstream nt in the market. The three major Taiwan dollar issuing platforms correspond to huobi, Binance and OKEX. Generally speaking, the holders of flat Taiwan dollars can obtain the following related rights and interests: 1. Enjoy transaction fee preference and deduct transaction fee; 2. Coins on the ballot will be rewarded with tokens; 3. Used to participate in activities on the platform and get rewards for airdrop, etc.; 4. On-chain fuel used for future platform decentralization can be understood as a handling fee paid to miners; 5. It is used to realize the rights of some investors, such as buyback, pre-subscription of listed new currency, income dividend, etc. The value of Taiwan dollar the value of Taiwan dollar depends on the value of the trading platform itself and the ecological construction of the platform. The higher the popularity of a trading platform, the higher the volume of trading, the higher the value of Taiwan dollar, and vice versa, if the popularity of the platform falls, the volume of trading is low, the price of Taiwan dollar will certainly decline. The platform itself for the integration of the upstream and downstream of the entire industry and the construction of the entire community is also a recognized criterion in the blockchain community. In the long run, the rise and fall of the platform's token value and price still depend on the platform's own credit, payment ability, operation ability, anti-risk ability, profitability and community construction. First, the flat Taiwan dollar is relatively safe. The Taiwan dollar is backed by the trading platform, which endorses it, while the virtual currency trading platform is very profitable, and the general platform is also protective of its own coins, as long as the platform does not fall. Second, flat nt has application scenarios. Whether a currency has value and can be accepted by the majority of investors depends on whether it has practical application scenarios. And flat t is the natural son of each platform, platform often give their bonuses, airlift, voting, repurchase, set trade sector, and chain, realizing the function of a certain threshold, such as application, under the support of the platform itself rich profits, flat t even in a bear market decline, but to a certain level will be refused to fall, adopt platform arrangement, once the market launch can break out, This is also those copycat coins and air coins can not be compared. Third, ping Taiwan is highly profitable. The profitability of the investment is not weak, this is not counting the profits brought by these dividends, air drops for investors. That is to say, as long as the market comes, investment in these coins can make solid profits, even if the market does not come temporarily, dividends and air drops can also maintain a good yield. To sum up, the current Taiwan dollar does nothing more than perform six functions, including serving as a commission for transactions within the platform, usually with certain discounts or discounts; Act as a trading pair in a coin transaction; Evidence of privileged activities and services of the trading platform; Gas fees in the exchange ecosystem; Act as a payment vehicle for part of the business; In IEO, it acts as a project fee.
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