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LAMB ( Global )
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1,646,414,198 LAMB
Max Supply
10,000,000,000 LAMB
Total Supply
6,000,000,000 LAMB
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Lambda (LAMB) Intro
< P >Lambda is a high-speed, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. By logically decoupling and implementing Lambda Chain and Lambda DB separately, we provide infinitely scalable data storage capabilities for decentralized applications. And realize multi-chain data cooperative storage, cross-chain data management, data privacy protection, data retention proof, distributed intelligent computing and other services. In addition, Lambda Chain, the fundamental service of blockchain, provides millions of requests per second (RPS) through Sharding technology, and can grow as the system size increases; Through the sub-chain technology, it provides the technology service capability for the future unlimited expansion.

< P > Project Lambda aims to provide a data storage infrastructure for blockchain and decentralized applications. On top of this infrastructure platform, decentralized cloud database storage and access capabilities are provided. Moreover, Based on horizontal scalability and sharding technology, Lambda provides high-speed transaction capabilities. Through the relay chain technology and cross-chain transaction verification, it provides cross-chain transaction and data access and verification capabilities within the system, and provides cross-chain communication capabilities with other chain systems through the support of BCP protocol. Lambda makes it easy for distributed applications to generate, compute, transfer, store and retrieve data by offering a range of basic capabilities including infinitely scalable block storage, file storage, object storage, KV storage and table storage, as well as fast Network Transfer (Rsync). We protect the privacy of data through attribute encryption and proxy encryption. In addition, the Lambda project is also characterized by flexible data structure, powerful programming interface and efficient backup.

< P > With the development of Lambda project, more and more service capabilities, such as distributed cache, distributed shared memory computing based on non-volatile memory, distributed relational database, distributed MapReduce and other projects, will be added to the network as parallel sub-chains to provide external infrastructure services through Lambda. Finally, a cloud data management system with self-organization and self-management covering tens of millions of nodes will be formed. All decentralized applications can conveniently use this cloud database to store and query data through API. In particular, this decentralized cloud database must have a very high cost performance advantage, as well as the natural ability of remote disaster recovery and cross-continental data sharing, due to the huge organization cost of expensive centralized IAAS. This has initially formed a decentralized IAAS, equipped with storage, computing and network bandwidth three basic IAAS capabilities, plus the value exchange system provided by blockchain network, Lambda will be a global infrastructure network with infinite imagination.

< P >Lambda, as a decentralized blockchain data infrastructure, does not benchmark the performance metrics of the centralized database, and, given the nature of peer-to-peer distributed networks, there are certainly limitations to the usage scenarios of the Lambda cloud database at the current time. The advantages of Lambda are open source, community governance, economic model, and trust machine verifiability. For today's technologists, Lambda can be used as a cloud-based KV database (such as Redis), document-based database (mongodb), and time series data library (DruID). You can start with backup and archiving scenarios to store immutable data. In terms of business scenarios, Lambda is more suitable for scenarios with frequent transaction speed and high data inflow and outflow but small change. Lambda can be used to store Internet of Things and AI data. In addition, it can also be used to store KV data, log data, Mertrics and Event data, Internet of Things and AI data, feed stream data, etc. Therefore, Decentralized businesses such as lotteries, low-frequency gambling, video websites, Feed streaming applications, blogs and forums can use Lambda Cloud database as back-end storage of data.

< P > In short, compared with IPFS, the well-known white horse project, LANB is more like a dark horse project. LAMB aims to promote the decentralized development of the Internet as its mission, and build the decentralized storage infrastructure for the new generation of value Internet.

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