Market cap:$0
ETH Gas:--
KCS ( Global )
Market Cap
All-Time Low$0.19103200
All-Time High$28.71
Circulating Supply
98,379,861 KCS
Max Supply
170,118,638 KCS
Total Supply
165,641,743 KCS
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K Line
KuCoin Token (KCS) Intro

The Token issued by the blockchain asset trading platform of library coin is KuCoin Token, referred to as "KCS". The total number of tokens issued is constant at 200 million, and finally stabilized at 100 million after repo destruction. KCS coin is a decentralized blockchain asset issued on Ethereum. It is the ERC 20 standard token based on Ethereum blockchain and supports all Ethereum wallets.

The founding team of the Coin blockchain asset trading platform started in-depth research on blockchain technology as early as 2011, and realized the technical architecture of the coin trading platform in 2013. In 2017, the coin team officially entered the field of blockchain asset trading service platform.

I, KuCoin advantage

1. Operation strategy: The majority of the transaction fee income of the Trading platform will be transferred to users for the payment of rewards to high-quality users for trading, investment and recommendation on the platform. On the one hand, it attracts quality users to stay on the platform and generate more active transactions. On the other hand, the number of users and trading volume of the platform will be greatly increased through the recommendation and reward plan among users.

2. High performance single order engine: the trading system uses high efficiency memory matching technology accelerated by hardware, and the peak order speed is more than 2 million single/second, and the peak matching speed can reach 1 million single/second.

3. Financial stability: Core trading system from the bottom layer of the world's leading financial system design scheme, adopt the advanced multilayer, many of the cluster system architecture, from the DNS traffic entrance to the bottom of the core trading system, accounting system adopts a dual three central bank level much more disaster of deployment, security in case of any equipment failure or natural disaster, The system always runs stably.

1. Enjoy the platform transaction incentive payment on a proportional basis:

50% of the commission fees generated by all blockchain asset transactions on the platform every day will be issued to user accounts holding KCS on the platform to promote user participation and transaction activity on the platform, which is officially called incentive money. The incentive fee ratio will be adjusted gradually according to the development of the platform.

The initial total amount of KCS is 200 million. The 100 million portion held by the team and angel investors is excluded from the incentive fund calculation, and up to 100 million KCS is guaranteed to participate in the incentive fund program during the official buyback and destruction process. In order to receive the daily incentive payment, users need to host KCS on the Blockchain asset trading platform. The platform calculates and distributes the incentive payment according to the amount of USER account KCS holds at 00:00 (UTC +8) of the day and the transaction commission generated on the platform on the previous day. The incentive payment is directly settled to the balance of the platform's account in the corresponding currency.

2 Pro rata discount on the processing rate:

When the bill is traded, each amount of KCS held in the account can reduce the transaction commission by a certain percentage. Specific standards are subject to the platform announcement.

3. Other exclusive Rights:

Those who hold a certain amount can enjoy the one-to-one investment consultant of the Coin investment team and the fast customer service channel and other services.

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