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POC(Proof of Capacity) is commonly referred to as Proof of Capacity. It is similar to the POW consensus mechanism of Bitcoin, but different from POW consensus mechanism, POC consensus mechanism uses disk space storage (equivalent to using cache) instead of memory computing power to mine. The calculated Hash value is stored in the hard disk (also known as DISK P) in advance. After mining, the miner calculates the deadline according to the latest block Hash, the last block signature, Target (similar to the network difficulty in Bitcoin), and compares it with the deadline queried in the wallet. If it is smaller than the deadline in the wallet, The mining is successful (the mining process will be explained in detail later). So the more storage space you have, the more likely you are to store that Hash. At present, POC mining mainly includes Burst, BHD, Volume and other projects. Both Burst and BHD are very similar in that they have added conditions on the basis of POC. Only the conditions can be satisfied, which is called CPoC (Conditioned-Proof of Capacity).
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