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Andre cronje series
The Andre cronje series ave.change is
Andre Cronje became famous from Forever. Finance (YFI) and became famous in DeFi. Recently, AC is playing the role of "Li Jiaqi" in the currency circle, and the currency he recommended is "Midas Touch", showing the first-class ability to "take goods". AC's projects, such as Pickle, Cream, Cover, Keep3r, and The acquisition of Sushi, have attracted the attention of the whole market. Andre Cronje(AC) is founder of Year.Finance (YFI) and lead code Reviewer of Crypto Briefing. He was the chairman of the Fantom Foundation Technical Committee and a technical analyst at Lemniscap. This section is developed by Andre Cronje, and all the recent merger, acquisition, alliance and cooperation projects will be added to this section if the latest cooperation projects are released. On 27 September 2020, AC tweeted its praise of ERC-1155, and ENJ went up in response. AC is called "market leader". On 23 November 2020, AC issued a document to release Deriswap, an aggregation-type platform, which is currently under audit. Only by this article of AC, more than 30 fake Deriswap coins appeared in the market, and a large number of people "sent money" to the fake contract address. On November 24, 2020, AC tweeted a partnership with Pickle to double Pickle's short time. While many communities are in a hurry to find reasons for the rise, overseas big VS have called it the "godfather of DeFi". On December 1, 2020, AC tweeted another hot news: That Yearyearn. Finance will officially partner with Sushiswap, and Sushi jumped 30% on the news.
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