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Circulating supply987,579,315 DOT
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Polkadot (DOT) Intro

< SPAN class="ql-author-58030660 ql-font microsoftyahei">Polkadot is an open source shard multi-chain protocol. It unites multiple blockchain platforms into a unified, scalable network where not just tokens any data or asset type can be transferred across the chain, allowing various blockchains to interoperate. This interoperability aims to create a fully decentralized, proprietary network, controlled by its users, and to simplify the creation of new applications, institutions, and services.

Polkadot The protocol connects public, private, permissionless networks, prognosticators, and whatever else may come along in the future, allowing these independent blockchains to share information and transactions without trust through the Polkadot relay chain.

< SPAN class="ql-author-58030660 ql-font microsoftyahei"> Simply put, Polkadot is a "blockchain of blockchain", Allows many different types of chains to work and interact safely in the same ecosystem.

< SPAN class=" qL-font Microsoft tyahei ql-author-58030660">Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi-chain network, This means it connects various blockchains designed for a specific purpose into a single ecosystem. These different Layer 1 blockchains are called parallel chains because of the way they process transactions in parallel and are linked together by the Polkadot relay chain.

Polkadot has four core components:

Polkadot's "heart" helps create consensus, interoperability, and shared security across networks across different chains;

< SPAN class="ql-author-58030660 ql-font-font Microsoft Ahei "> Parallel chains: independent chains that can have their own tokens and be optimized for a specific use case;

parallel threads: similar to horizontal chains, with flexible connections based on the pay-as-you-go economic model;

< SPAN class="ql-author-58030660 ql-font Microsoft Ahei "> Cross-chain bridge: allows parallel chains and parallel threads to connect and communicate with external blockchains such as Ethereum.

The roles of verifier and nominator have been added to maximize chain security. Polkadot NPoS:

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the verifier protects the relay chain by pledging native tokens (DOT). If selected into the active set, they validate the parallel chain colonel's proof, participate in consensus with other verifiers, and generate blocks on the relay chain. In return, they receive a pledge reward.


the nominee also supports trusted verifiers by pledging their DOT, Thus help them to enter the active verifier set, thus contributing to the security of the network. In return, the nominee usually receives a portion of the mortgage award from the verifier.


< SPAN class="ql-author-58030660 ql-font Microsoft Ahei "> The integrator collects parallel chain transactions and generates proofs for verifiers on the relay chain. They can also use the Cross-chain Messaging Protocol (XCMP) to send and receive messages from other parallel chains.

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< SPAN class="ql-author-58030660 ql-font microsoftyahei"> Fishermen monitor the network and report bad behavior to verifiers. Any parallel chain full node can play the role of fisherman.

Polkadot native DOT tokens have three uses: Ensure that network < SPAN class=" qL-size-12 ql-font-microsoftyahei Ql-author-58030660 "> run Pledge DOT to link < SPAN class=" qL-size-12 ql-font Microsoft Tyahei "> Connect to Polkadot as < SPAN class=" qL-size-12 ql-font-font microsoftyahei"> parallel chain and the voting rights of the holders in network governance. DOT is inflationary, which means that unlike Bitcoin, DOT has no maximum number. The inflation rate is not fixed: it is designed to be 10% in the first year. The DOT generated is used to reward verifiers and the rest goes into the Treasury.

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