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Alpha Finance Lab
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Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA) Intro
< P >Alpha Finance Lab is a cross-chain < span > DeFi < / a > < span > platform, Aims to bring different block chain of user Alpha, including currency intelligence chain (BSC), and < a href = "" > < span > Ethernet fang < / a > < span >.

The platform aims to build an ecosystem of DeFi products to meet the unmet needs of the industry while remaining easy to use and access. The first product Alpha Finance Lab built was Alpha Lending, a decentralized loan agreement with algorithmically adjusted interest rates.

Alpha Homora, a leveraged yield farming platform, is the second product to be launched from the platform, while AlphaX, a non-order book permanent swap product, is scheduled for 2021.

< P >ALPHA is the platform's native utility token. Token holders can earn fee share < a href = "" > < span > their < / a > < span > ALPHA tokens to pay for any default loans. Tokens of other use cases including < a href = "" > < span > liquidity < / a > < span > mining vote and governance.

< P >< SPAN >Alpha Finance Lab will be organized through decentralized autonomy (
< span > DAO < / a > < span >) implementation ALPHA allows ALPHA holders to vote on the details of future ALPHA products and determine how they interoperate. The governance process is divided into two levels: product-level governance and financial-level governance, giving token holders substantial control over Alpha's future.

< P >< SPAN >Alpha Finance Lab seeks to differentiate itself from the rest of the DeFi ecosystem by actively seeking, identifying and addressing unmet needs in the DeFi space with an extremely fast development cycle.

< P >< SPAN > Unlike other platforms, Alpha Finance Lab wanted to ensure that its solution not only provided functionality that was practical on demand, but also user-friendly, helping to make DeFi more accessible. Each product developed by Alpha Finance Lab also supports the entire Alpha ecosystem by providing additional utility to Alpha token holders.

< P >Alpha Finance Lab's first products all claim to bring new solutions to the market. Alpha Homora is the first platform to introduce the concept of leveraged yield agriculture, and with the launch of Alpha Homora V2 in 2021, It will introduce the first can be from another in the form of mortgage insufficient intelligent contracts (< a href = "" > < span > Cream Finance
In addition, once launched, AlphaX will be the first Uniswap/ Sushiswap-style decentralized exchange for sustainable swaps without an order book. This would enable more people to access the benefits of perpetual swaps, such as leveraged trading, without understanding how they work in the background.

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