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In 2016,
Gavin Wood founded the Polkadot project to create an innovative platform for the various parachain projects used to carry Web3.0 missions by providing shared security guarantees out of the box and an interoperable multi-chain network architecture. Dr. Gavin defines Polkadot as a layer0 project, i.e. The platform of platforms. Based on this platform, it is expected to blossom the endless branch application network without boundaries of the new era, thus gradually eroding and replacing the existing Web2.0 Internet.
In April 2014
Gavin Wood, co-founder of ethereum and then CTO of ethereum, published a blog post titled "decentralized applications: what Web3.0 looks like." The concept of Web3 was elaborated systematically for the first time, and then the Web3 Foundation was launched. His philosophy is that Web3 is a broad set of movements and protocols for making the Internet more decentralized, verifiable, and secure; Web3 vision is to achieve a serverless, decentralized Internet, that is, users control their own identity, data and fate of the Internet; Web3 will launch a new global digital economy, creating new business models and markets, breaking platform monopolies and driving broad, bottom-up innovation.
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