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Farming as a service(FAAS)
The Farming as a service(FAAS) ave.change is
DeFi3.0 (Farming as a service) is the main concept for DeFi3.0, and DeFi3.0 is based on DeFi 1.0 and DeFi 2.0, using the high-efficiency and professional Farming strategy as a service. For ordinary people who are relatively new to DeFi or Crypto, "farming as a service". One of the problems with DeFi 1.0 was that institutions were able to use vast amounts of money and sophisticated algorithms to accurately target liquidity in mining pools, resulting in a constant squeeze on returns for retail investors. That said, whales were a big obstacle to the adoption of DeFi 1.0. To solve this problem, DeFi 2.0 controls liquidity itself by protocol, which ensures liquidity stability, but creates another problem, namely the sustainability of earnings. Many DeFi 2.0 protocols offer high APY that cannot last long in order to quickly expand the coffers, and some protocols don't even last a week due to Token dilution. DeFi 3.0, contrary to DeFi 2.0, adopts a compact Token design. In the case of Multi-chain Capital, each trade, whether buying or selling MCC, generates a 10 per cent slip point, of which 5 per cent is allocated equally to Token holders and another 5 per cent is put into the agreed vault for Farming or further liquidity. In addition, unlike DeFi 2.0, DeFi 3.0 has a fixed repurchase policy, usually once a week, and most of the repurchased tokens are destroyed. Taking MCC as an example, the tokens repurchased under this agreement now account for 35% of the total circulation, providing a relatively strong guarantee for the sustainability of user income. More importantly, DeFi 3.0 projects are largely private and have no quotas for team members, further reducing the risk posed by RUGs and Whales. DeFi 3.0 aims to professionalize Yield Farming (liquidity mining) by agreeing to develop Farming strategies to earn profits and return the profits to token holders, i.e. Farming as a service, to lower the barriers to participation for ordinary investors. Raise profits for Farming. In just two months, DeFi 3.0 has developed into various forms of "financial Lego" games, with DeFi as the center to radiate into the entire crypto and even traditional financial field, in an attempt to create a vibrant financial ecosystem. For now, however, these rosy narratives are just visions, and most DeFi 3.0 projects are untested by time and market, with neither market value nor team value comparable to mainstream DeFi projects today.
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