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March 30, 2021
Cosmos Developer Tendermint announced the launch of Tendermint Ventures, a $20 million fund that will be used to invest in critical infrastructure projects in the Cosmos ecosystem, Major investment areas include decentralized derivatives, decentralized lending, decentralized stablecoins, prognostics, and decentralized insurance. Tendermint Ventures first funded Regen Network, which uses common blockchain technologies such as Cosmos to address global ecological regeneration challenges, and Stabecoin projects Terra, IRIS, and DeFi, which are based on the Cosmos framework Tgrade. In addition to financial support, The Tendermint will also provide consulting, community and other resources.
March 29, 2021
Cosmos announced that it has officially enabled IBC cross-chain communication, allowing any IBC-compatible chain to send its token to Cosmos Hub, while ATOM, the Hub's native token, can also be transferred to other chains. IBC can handle smart contracts between multiple chains, allowing data and messages to pass between contracts, and its logic to be distributed across different blockchains. The Cosmos team believes that IBC solves the scalability problem of blockchain by sharding, splitting blockchain applications into multiple blockchains.
May 28, 2021
NFT was introduced into Cosmos, and the prototype of Cosmos NFT ecology appeared. Last year, ICF Foundation set up InterNFT working group to push forward the work of Cosmos in NFT and Metadata cross-chain standardization. At the same time, there are many team projects in THE Cosmos Ecology that have made innovative progress in the FIELD of NFT, constantly injecting new blood into THE Cosmos NFT ecology and promoting the expansion of THE Cosmos NFT ecology.
In March 2019
Cosmos was launched in March 2019 with the goal of creating a network across blockchains, breaking down barriers and building Bridges to enable cross-chain transactions and interactions, while maintaining Sovereignty of all chains.
17 December 2020
Cosmos (ATOM) released cross-chain Communication Protocol (IBC) 1.0 implementation candidate. Key features include support for asynchronous validation, high abstraction and upgrade support, version negotiation resolution, managed client recovery, cross-chain transfer denomination tracking, set packet latency time for each connection, deterministic identifier selection, and more. In addition, IBC clients, connections, and channels can be created by anyone after Cosmos Hub completes the Stargate upgrade, but IBC's token Transfer Protocol (ICS 20) (transferring tokens between hubs) is still not available, and Hub governance must be recommended through a second parameter change. In order to activate cross-chain transport, which will be changed at governance's discretion. Once activated, IBC transport is completely permission-free.
17 March 2020
Cosmos says a demo of its cross-chain technology IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) is already running in a light client with features such as real proof mechanisms, end-to-end data handshakes, and token transfers that developers can experiment with through open source.
February 18, 2021
Cosmos (ATOM) has completed the launch of the "Stargate Stargate" upgrade, Cosmos Stargate, which includes the cross-chain communication protocol IBC and other features, as planned in the original white paper roadmap. Cross-chain capabilities will be available through standardized protocols (IBC).
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